CV overview


Find attached below a copy of my CV (June 2019).  Additionally, for transparency and rigor, in each subsection of this CV section, find attached most of my diplomas and certificates, together with a detailed explanation.


I am an evolutionary biologist and naturalist who has focused his career on the study  of biodiversity, biogeography and island biology, from an evolutionary and ecological perspective. I have acquired this experience through my years of postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral research. I graduated in biology with a double major (Botany and Zoology). I obtained a MSc in Conservation Biology and a PhD on Biodiversity and Evolution.

I have achieved a top-end scientific productivity, orienting my production towards rigorous and internationally recognised journals; I have published 12 JCR articles in top-leaders Q1-Journals — remarkably, all of them with Impact Factor (IF)> 4 — where I am the 1st and correspondence author (leader) in 7 of them. Additionally, I have published three additional articles, 2 book chapters, several conservation, scientific and technical reports and numerous dissemination articles.  These high-quality publication standards are being recognized, having accumulated more than 125 citations in less than four years (72% as 1st author; h-index: 6; i-index: 5) and I have received several awards, distinctions and fellowships (detailed in my CV).

I have participated in 13 research projects, leading my two own plant conservation projects (2016), for which I obtained the funds in competitive calls. I have contributed to 18 scientific meetings (9 international) and, recently I have been invited as symposium speaker to the III International Conference on Island Biology 2019 (July 2019).
These achievements have involved me in the process of peer review, where I serve in the editorial review board of Journal of Biogeography (IF: 4.15),  I am a trusted reviewer of several JCR journals, and an Expert Evaluator of the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Investigación (EVALUA). Additionally 22 JCR journals have demanded my services for 46 articles in 4 years (verified in Publons).

I have worked and performed research stays in several centers, both national (5 centers) and international (4 in Europe, 2 in Africa, 1 in Antarctica, 1 in Middle East) and I have led field expeditions (> 10) on 5 continents. This has allowed me to establish a wide network of collaborators with whom I maintain active collaborations: in the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (Spain) we study large-scale biodiversity patterns; in the Canarian Botanical Garden Viera y Clavijo (Canary Islands, Spain) we investigate the loss of dispersal hability in islands hypothesis; in the Freiburg and Lausanne Universities (Switzerland) we worked with Bayesian computing and niche modelling; in the Charles University and Institute of Botany (Czech Republic) we dissect the evolution of polyploidy; in the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Huesca (Spain) and Natural History Museum- University of Oslo (Norway) we are focused on the study of the evolutionary patterns in sky-islands; in the Stellenbosch University, Johannesburg University, Macquarie University, and sub-Antarctic Research station of Marion (South Africa, Australia, sub-Antarctic) we lead the plant  sciences studies of an international project focused on Antarctic biogeography. I have already published works with all these authors, thus achieving a successful international production.

I have a special interest in bio/phylogeography reconstruction methods for which I received two awards. I have designed my own course “Island Phylogeography” (rated with the highest quality) and I am involved in the international project ´expanding the teaching of biogeography´. I have taught numerous courses, lectures, and supervised 3 students. I have a special vocation for scientific outreach and I have written dozens of articles in magazines and blogs (2 awards).