CV overview


Find attached below a copy of my CV (November 2020).  Additionally, for transparency and rigor, in each subsection of this CV section, find attached most of my diplomas and certificates, together with a detailed explanation.


I am an evolutionary biologist and naturalist who has focused his career on the study  of biodiversity, plant biogeography and island biology, from an evolutionary and ecological perspective. I have acquired this experience through my years of postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral research. I graduated in biology with a double major (Botany and Zoology). I obtained a MSc in Conservation Biology and a PhD on Biodiversity and Evolution.

I have achieved a top-end scientific productivity, orienting my production towards rigorous and internationally recognised journals; I have published 22 JCR articles in top-leaders Q1-Journals — remarkably, all of them with Impact Factor (IF)> 3.7 — where I am the 1st and correspondence author (leader) in 9 of them. Additionally, I have published six additional articles, 2 book chapters, several conservation, scientific and technical reports and numerous dissemination articles.  These high-quality publication standards are being recognized, having accumulated more 550 citations in eight years (57% as 1st author; h-index: 12; i-index: 14) and I have received several awards, distinctions and fellowships (detailed in my CV).

I have participated in 22 research projects, leading my two own plant conservation projects (2016), for which I obtained the funds in competitive calls. I have contributed to 34 scientific meetings (16 international).
These achievements have involved me in the process of peer review. I am a trusted reviewer of several JCR journals, and an Expert Evaluator of the Spanish Agencia Estatal de Investigación (EVALUA).  28 JCR journals have demanded my services for more than 90 articles in 8 years (verified in Publons). I am a member of the Editorial and Scientific Committee of Conservación Vegetal, the only journal in Spanish focused on flora conservation.

I have worked and performed research stays in several centers, both national (5 centers) and international (4 in Europe, 2 in Africa, 1 in Antarctica, 1 in Middle East) and I have led field expeditions (> 10) on 5 continents. This has allowed me to establish a wide network of collaborators with whom I maintain active collaborations: in the Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (Spain) we study large-scale biodiversity patterns; in the Canarian Botanical Garden Viera y Clavijo (Canary Islands, Spain) we investigate the loss of dispersal hability in islands hypothesis; in the Freiburg and Lausanne Universities (Switzerland) we worked with Bayesian computing and niche modelling; in the Charles University and Institute of Botany (Czech Republic) we dissect the evolution of polyploidy; in the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Huesca (Spain) and Natural History Museum- University of Oslo (Norway) we are focused on the study of the evolutionary patterns in sky-islands; in the Stellenbosch University, Johannesburg University, Macquarie University, and sub-Antarctic Research station of Marion (South Africa, Australia, sub-Antarctic) we lead the plant  sciences studies of an international project focused on Antarctic biogeography. I have already published works with all these authors, thus achieving a successful international production.

I have a special interest in bio/phylogeography reconstruction methods for which I received two awards. I have designed my own course “Island Phylogeography Course” (IPC; rated with the highest quality). I have taught numerous courses, lectures, and supervised 21 students. I have a special vocation for scientific outreach and I have written dozens of articles in magazines and blogs (2 awards).