Professional Services & Other Activities


Member of the SEBOT Systematics Working Group.


Member of the SEBICOP working group. Dissemination activities.

2017 –

Curated Photo Exhibits. I am deeply interested in the intersection of the rational and creative (science and art). My photographic work focused on biodiversity has been included in several curated exhibits.

2010 – 2019

I have deposited material from several scientific expeditions in Spanish herbaria (Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, Botanic Institute of Barcelona, Canary Garden Viera and Clavijo), as well as in international institutes (Lausanne University, Charles University, Sub-Antarctic Marion research base).


Organiser and speaker in scientific seminars for population ecology at Charles University.

2010 – 2015

Organiser and speaker in scientific seminars for systematics and evolution in the Real Jardín Botánico, Department of Biodiversity and Conservation.

Present or past Member of:

ACBC (Association for the conservation of Canarian Biodiversity)

IBS (International Biogeography Society)

SEBICOP (Spanish Society for Plant Conservation Biology)

SEBOT (Spanish Society of Botany)

SESBE (Spanish Society for Evolutionary Biology)

Present or past member of several conservation organisations: Cape Bird Club, SEO/BirdLife, WWF/Adena, Society for Biodiversity and Conservation- GAIA.