Selected Field Expeditions

I have conducted expeditions and nature travels in a wide range of habitats throughout five continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and sub-Antarctic).

I started to organize independent nature trips with the aim of studying flora and fauna. Later, this has been extended both, in trips to carry out scientific collections and for the study of biodiversity.

I have worked with specific emphasis on island systems (Galapagos, Madagascar, Prince Edwards archipelago, Canary Islands, Madeira, Cape Verde), African flora (continental patterns and Rand Flora), collection of rare flora and relicts.  I have an advanced knowledge of African, Atlantic, Arabian, Macaronesian, Malagasy, Mediterranean and sub-Antarctic flora and fauna

Selected field expeditions


Sub-antarctic research Expedition. Marion Island take-over 2018.


Morocco (field assistant), Madagascar (Expedition Leader (EL)


Conservation tasks for the National Avian Research Centre in 15 nature reserves in the United Arab Emirates.


Neotropics: Amazon Basin, Choco forests, Caribe, island systems… (Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica). Teaching workshops for naturalist guides in the Neotropics (Dracaena Amazon Explorations).

2010 – 2018

EL of numerous trips in Macaronesian archipelagos: Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira, Moroccan Argan sector. Royal Botanic Garden (RJB) & Canarian Garden Viera & Clavijo.

2005– 2018

EL & Field assistant of numerous trips in the Pyrenees Mountains. University Complutense & RJB.


Expedition Co-Leader, C.N.A.E. & RJB (Switzerland Alps).


Expedition Co-Leader, C.N.A.E. & RJB (Morocco).


Field assistant, RJB (Miami, Everglades).


EL, RJB (Peru).

2004 – 2009

Mountain guide and educator in the Spanish network of National Parks: Doñana N.P., Ordesa N.P., Cabañeros N.P., Monfragüe N.P., Montes de Valsaín and the Natural Park Andujar.

1997 – Now

Extensive nature history travels throughout the Western Paleartic.