Kalahari, “the great thirst“, the vastest semi-arid savanna in Southern Africa. The kingdom of the Sam: indigenous hunter-gathered groups, also known as Bushmen.
This is a brief collection of several expeditions crossing the Kalahari desert, throughout South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
Dirt and bumpy tracks, scorching sun, amazing dust storms, lightning-filled starry nights and the sound of barking geckos. Acacia  savannah with impressive nests of social weavers, secretary birds, Cape ground squirrels, gemsbok cucumbers, bat-eared fox, meerkats, cheetahs…
Very enjoyable lurking lions and leopards in the remote Mabuasehube Camp, high densities of bat-eared fox and springboks in the Central Kalahari, stunning fallen baobabs in Tsumkwe (Namibia), magic sessions with the San children.